Fantain Referral Program - July 3, 2018

Fantain sees the value of you bringing in Fans to participate in Fantasy sports along with you.  We have a comprehensive referral program to help you benefit from encouraging your friends to play and earn.  Every time you refer a friend you have the potential to earn 60 Fancash and your Friend also gets 60 Fancash.

How does Referral Work?

1. Go to the profile screen to see your  referral code and click share to share it with  your friends.
2. Once your friend registers as a new user, he should enter YOUR referral code when he is prompted. Remember only new users will be prompted for referral code.
3. Once they verify their login via OTP process(Both Email & Phone number should to be verified), you will both receive Fancash of 10.
4. Once they verify their documents, you will both receive Fancash of 20.
5. Once they deposit money of Rs 10 or above you will both receive Fancash of  30.


1. You can refer as many friends as you like for the referral program
2. Your friend should deposit  money and perform document verification within 3 months to be eligible to get the referral bonus
3. You are eligible to receive referral bonus only after your friend has taken the necessary actions SUCCESSFULLY.