At Fantain, we don’t take your TRUST for granted. We work to earn it.

One of the ways we ensure that the line-up you create or edit is the same at the close of submission, is the same that is used for calculating your points and is the same that is awarded prizes, if any. And we want to be as transparent about it as possible. Not just your line-up, but of everyone that submitted a line-up to that pool.

Every time you submit your line-up (or subsequently edit it), you will get an email with a unique ‘key’ that is calculated using algorithms used by blockchain, with your team, players and the previously submitted lineup key as inputs. This ensures the integrity of your line-up, its place in the list of line-ups submitted and ensures it is tamper proof.

The new web version of Fantain Fantasy ( now has a TRUST page where you can view your line-up and key and even verify it with the key from your email. Plus you can download the line-ups of everyone in that pool with their keys, and verify it offline if you choose to.

If you are one of the geeky ones, write to our support team and we will give you the low down on how we implemented this.

We hope this will show you how serious we are about the integrity of the platform, and earn your TRUST.