Fantain Platform can be played on the Web, Android and iOS platform.  Here is our recommended approach for playing on various platforms.


For playing on your desktop / laptop, you can go to and start playing both free and paid games.


For playing on your iOS phone, you can open a browser and go to and play both free and paid games.

Android Platform

1.  For Free to play games, you can download the app from the PlayStore.  Use the following link to download the App.

2.  For Paid games and Free games - You can download the app at

Points to remember:

1.  When you use multiple devices / desktop, make sure you use the same account (google / Facebook / email or phone) so that all your accounts and balances synchronise and is visible across all.

2. The Fancash earned from the Play store can be used to participate in the cash contest simply by registering at with the same login used for the Playstore App.

3. The users can also get more FanCash simply by referring your friends to Fantain.

 Please check the FAQS on our Referral program for more details.