Deposits of ₹ 50 or more


 7th March 2019 to 13th March 2019

How many prizes

 3 (three)

What prizes

 Depositing of ₹ 5,000 to randomly selected winners from the list of depositors, into their PayTM wallet

What is it?

Fantain will give away ₹ 5,000 rupees each for three randomly drawn deposit entries from the list of all depositors who deposit at least ₹ 50 on their Fantain wallet between 7th March 2019 and 13th March 2019. Each deposit of ₹ 50 or more qualifies and each depositor can have multiple entries based on the number of deposits they make during this period.

Winners will be declared by Fantain through a random draw on or after the 14th of March, 2019 and the winners will be notified by email, and their PayTM wallets will be deposited with ₹ 5,000.

Rules & Regulations

  • Only registered Fantain users qualify for the sweepstakes. Registration can be through the Fantain Android App or website.

  • Registered users must be valid with their email and phone numbers for verification purposes. If discrepancies are found in any of these, Fantain reserves the right to withdraw their entries from the contest.

  • Each deposit of ₹ 50 or more qualifies as ONE entry. There will be no pro-rating of the number of entries based on multiples of ₹ 50 deposited. You can increase your chances by depositing ₹ 50 multiple times.

  • Winners will be selected by a random program by Fantain technical staff, and Fantain’s decision will be final. Fantain will make every endeavor to make the process fair and transparent, but will not entertain any requests for details related to the actual selection process from users. The randomly selected winner details will be posted on Fantain’s website.

  • By participating in this contest, you allow Fantain to transfer money to your PayTM wallet. Please note that no other means of transferring money is permissible.

  • By participating in this contest, you allow Fantain to use your name in Fantain promotional and marketing material. Only your name and facial image will be used for such promotion.

* The Sweepstakes is applicable in all states of India where it is legally permitted.